Eighteen Months of Happy

The Blessing is a year and a half old.


She is delightful. And curious. She is adventurous and funny. And I think she knows that she is funny. She has a stubborn streak like nobody’s business. She is smart and learning new signs every day. She loves her big sisters and brother to death and follows them all over the house and gets into all their stuff. She gets into my stuff, too, especially my yarn. She is a daddy’s girl and craves his attention. She loves being outside. She loves hats and babies and baths.

She brings joy to every single day.

And I barely even remember that she has Down syndrome. It is like a tiny footnote in our lives, only relevant when a doctor’s visit or therapy session reminds us. She takes her supplement when we all take our daily vitamin C and cod liver oil. She gets juice more often than the other kids because juice hides her bedtime supplement. She sometimes needs a little tweak to her diet to get her bowels moving. And that is about as far as her extra chromosome affects us.

The Blessing is nothing I expected and far from what I feared when she first was born. I was so afraid of “delays”and “issues”. I had no idea how normal this would all be. She is first and foremost and mostly just my baby girl.

And while my mind still seeks ways to improve her health and future and I am constantly lurking in Down syndrome website forums, my day to day living is barely different from how it would have been had she been born “normal”.

The Blessing is aptly knick-named. She blesses us everyday because of who she is, not because of how many chromosomes she has.

She has given us eighteen months of happy.