Our First WDSD

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

On this day last year, I was completely oblivious to the significance of the numbers 3-21. It once meant no more than a day on the calendar – March 21st, but now it signifies Trisomy 21, three copies of the twenty-first chromosome. Down syndrome.

Today we celebrate The Blessing.

IMGP2399On this day in an effort to raise awareness, there are a lot of blogs posting “A Day in the Life Of” stories to convey what it is like to have a child with Down Syndrome. I thought about doing this, but our day looks just like it did before Down Syndrome entered our lives. We wake, we eat, we play, we learn. The Blessing is a kick-back kind of baby who gets carried around by her older sisters and kissed and cuddled all day. We do a few therapy related things here and there, but our approach is low key and feels like play. Our therapist comes to our house every so often and it is like a visit with an old friend. If we go out, people smile and comment on how cute the baby is (when they aren’t bowled over by the sheer number of children trailing behind me!).  It all feels so normal.

Because it is normal. Having a baby with Down syndrome isn’t as scary as it sounds. It is actually quite lovely.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!




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